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This is not a journal as much as it is a place for me to archive my participation as a fic writer and in fandom. Also for communities and such. Add to your own discretion. Currently refraining from interacting with the general public.
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"Intermission" is a manifesto piece on how I write, subconsciously, reflexively. I am a writer. I believe things - but more than that, I write with a reason, a method, and a strategy that is entirely mine. This is the way I see myself through writing, and my writing through me.

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Since Harry Potter is a massive fandom with a variety of fic out there (it's the top fandom on and would be the top fandom on AO3 if Marvel didn't have so many mediums and universes) (I'm just saying) I felt that it would be both fun and conducive for me to make a post specifically about what I like/dislike in Harry Potter fic. I'm really not all that picky - no matter how much this post may seem to say otherwise - and I will bypass certain dislikes in favor of a "like," but... I have preferences.

This post has a significant emphasis on my dislikes because I'm picky with regard to Harry Potter-specific things. Here are my likes and kinks, which you can assume apply to HP fic as well.

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Oct. 22nd, 2018 02:57 pm
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This is a list of things I will never want in exchange/gift fics, not necessarily a reflection of fics I will never read on my own.

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Oct. 22nd, 2018 09:38 am
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Aka general weaknesses if you want to get me excited :)

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Dear Yuletide author! Hello! I'm sorry this is a little later than I promised (if you've checked daily since assignments came out; if not, then pretend I've been ready all this time) but I hope it still gives you enough time to write something we both end up liking :)

My most general request is a happy ending; for Karin/Blue, I'd accept a bittersweet-more-sweet ending as well.

I have a lot of general likes and dislikes; feel free to nab any concepts from a list of my likes and disregard a larger portion of this letter, as I'm pretty easy to please. This letter will mostly focus on any specific requests for the specific pairing/fandom in question, if you'd rather go a more specific route, plus other little things I might appreciate on the side.

I can't really think of any hard DNWs for Yuletide this year; my only request would be no pwp, although porn with plot (or rather, plot with porn) is perfectly fine. If you want to make me especially thirsty, feel free to check out my kinks.

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♥ - rec
dates are days that i finished them. tags are my bookmark tags on ao3. other bookmarks

some of these overlap with kinkmeme wips/fics that are still available but since some of my bookmarks also link to the kinkmeme, this will not overlap with my ao3 bookmarks

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♥ - rec
dates are days that i finished them. tags are my bookmark tags on ao3. other bookmarks

associated pseuds/usernames:
sateenmusta (boysinterrupted)
arctic_grey (beggarsnotes)

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So many people have said that Harry should be a Professor instead of an Auror and, frankly, I'm sick of it.

I know Aurors are basically the magical equivalent of being a police officer, which is, in our world, part of a corrupt institution, so I understand why people have issues with this. While there's no proof that the wizarding police force is as systematic as what we know in our world, considering JKR doesn't do a lot of work to expand on the similarities and differences between magical and muggle cultures aside from the obvious, I don't blame people for having issues with this.

However, there are a lot of things I'd like to say about a) Harry being an Auror in canon as told by JKR; and b) Harry being a Professor, as wished by a number of fans. Actually, you know what? I'll get all the refuting out of the way, because contrary to popular opinion, I prefer Auror Harry over Professor Harry.

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Your main fandom of the year? Is this even a question anymore? To quote my stories spreadsheet: "The Social Network" has the highest value for "FANDOM." (20)

Your favorite film you watched this year? Hey, so I actually barely watched any movies at all for the first 9 months of the year, then in October was like "wow I am really behind on my 365 film goal" and bingewatched about 150 movies in several weeks before my attention span weaned. My point is that I watched a lot of good movies in a short amount of time.

So, for movies that came out this year: (1) Get Out, (2) Thor Ragnarok, (3) Wonder Woman
Movies that didn't come out this year but that I first watched this year (not in any order): Triangle, Coherence, The Thing, Train to Busan, Scream

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